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Mind Over Body!

Body Image Weight Program is designed to help you lose weight in a physician supervised facility.  We combine medication, meal plan, motivation, and discipline to help you lose weigh...and keep it off.  Being successful in this weight loss program is a question of mind over body.

There are 5 Basic Strategies to accomplish your weight goal.

1.) Self-Monitoring - Increase Your Self-Awareness of food you eat, if you can measure it you can manage it.

2.) Stimulus Control - Make time for exercise and healthy eating, you are never too busy for your health.

3.) Setting "Realistic" Goals - Realistic weight loss goals are easier to reach, don't let yourself down.

4.) Stress Management - Stress can cause weight gain, stress reduction techniques can take less than 20 seconds.

5.) Small Changes = Big Results - Discipline, Healthy Eating, Exercise are on the Main Keys to weight loss.

New Patients - $120     Established Patients - $90

(Insurance is taken only if all Preventative Care Measures are met and Proof is provided)

Monday - Thursday 8:30AM - 11:00AM & 1PM - 3:00PM   
Saturday  8AM  - 12:30PM    
Closed - Friday & Sunday. Please Call for Same Day Appointments
All Medical Patients by "Appointment" Only
New Weight loss and Diets are "Walk-In" Only.  Please note "Walk-Ins" will not be admitted 1 Hour before closing.

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